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Hi, my name is Anne Marie Murphy and this website started with me wondering about the history of a building near downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, the New England city I had moved to in the summer of 2017. It has since evolved into an ongoing and in-depth exploration of the history of one of Worcester’s yet-undocumented industries: corset making.

Soon after that move to Worcester, I started volunteering at the Worcester Historical Museum’s library. What a great place, I thought, to learn about my new city. That affiliation gave me access, starting in early 2020, to Worcester’s annual city directories where I found almost 140 business listings that were part of the corset industry. It was crazy how much I was finding! There were manufacturers. There were suppliers to the manufacturers. There were retailers. There were “corsetieres” (the tailors of the industry). There was a corsetiere training academy. By summer of 2021 I had collected and organized enough material to start filling a website where those many stories could be told.

I have a full-time job which is NOT this project. I have for many years been a professional researcher in the film and television industry. While that job continues to pay the bills, this project has become Hobby One. That said, please bear with my leisurely pace as I slowly dig up the details of the many stories I have discovered in the City of Corsets.

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