The Suppliers, Retailers and Training

Here we find the varied companies that either provided materials to Worcester’s corset industry, were retail outlets for corsets, or trained those who wanted to enter the trade.  Visit again soon to find additional profiles of the businesses that played important supporting roles.   

  • Adrian, William F. 1915-1918
  • American Narrow Fabric Company 1909
  • Bon Ton School of Corsetry
  • Corset Shoppe, The 1919
  • Denholm & McKay Co
  • Keystone Braiding Co. – corset laces  1921-1952
  • LeCoutre A J – The Salon 1926-1939
  • MacInnes, John C. Co 
  • United Corset Shops 1922- 
  • Washburn and Moen Mfg. Co.